Focus On Your Appointment, Not Your Dis-Appointment


It’s a little before 5am; even the birds are still asleep (well, I did just hear my dog yawn). My mind is racing regarding today’s activities. There is much to do before I leave at 5am tomorrow morning for Presbytery. Names of people flash through my mind, the struggles they are going through, the issues from the past that they cling to that make Communion, at best, a “meal on the run”. It would seem to be an accurate reflection of our cultural spirituality.

It is also a timely reminder to seek the Lord and to invite Him to search me and to redirect my path as needed. To that end, we must be still and discover afresh one of the greatest sounds in the universe: Divine silence.

Time has passed… and my new smart phone stirs. It enables me to have a more effective overview of all my appointments. They are many and diverse. Some are sad and complicated, yet all have a common denominator. Jesus said, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear much fruit, and that your fruit would remain (John.15:16).
Here is a reminder of our “raison d’etre”, the reason why we exist. The Westminster Confession states it at the outset. We are “appointed” to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

In the “Kingdom” picture, our whole life is “appointed”. At the “micro level”, our lives have appointed times in which the Holy Spirit seeks to do something special and specific reminding the believer that victory, peace and joy both produce “fruit” and are the result of “fruit”.

I have been talking to my citrus trees. They represent a paradox. They are “heavy laden”, because they are bearing much fruit! At the same time, I am disappointed as luscious sucklings seem to sprout almost overnight, and after a short time their sharp thorns increase the task and challenge to remove them. I hear Jesus saying, “Focus on the fruit that will last.”
It is of course an invitation to love, and to keep loving. Divine love always bears fruit of eternal value and nourishment.

Divine fruit cannot flourish in the “soil of Cain”. That is the soil that cries out from the ground because of the spirit of turmoil and rebellion that led to the death of Abel.
Divine fruit comes from the soil that is part of a “new creation” through Him, Jesus, the 2nd Adam, who makes all things new. In this soil, in His appointed time all your appointments with and for Him will be fulfilled, provided that you do not cling to your disappointments.

If you have a vision, a hope, a dream, cling to it, “…It will certainly come” (Hab.2:2-3).
The power that produces thorny sucklings can be strong and make a sudden appearance.

Remember though that even the thorns in the crown of Jesus were used to reveal His glory. Do not let demon infused disappointments make you miss the divine appointments that the Lord has in store for you. The words of the Spirit through Paul continue to bear fruit in each generation: “We are more then conquerors through Christ who strengthens us” (Rom 8:37).

Have you noticed the increase of turmoil in the world? The “Zeitgeist”, the spirit of the Age, and ages, is by nature one of turmoil. The world puts its trust in this spirit, and, as a result, continues to be disappointed. We see an increase in political turmoil, in economic turmoil, in relational turmoil.. We are perplexed, but the God of Israel whispers, “There is no peace for the wicked”. Saints are appointed to have a “piece of Christ”: “This is My body, take and eat”, He says. Linger, recline on my shoulder now…it is the appointed time.

Taste the promises, celebrate the ones already experienced, and then today and tomorrow you will not be disappointed.

Because of Jesus….ruined for the ordinary



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